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A Clash of Perspective?

Perspectives, Architecture

One could imagine that architects and door hardware pioneers would constantly be clashing – the former strives for aesthetic perfection while the latter for functionality, safety and security. However Simon Osborne, Commercial Leader of Allegion UK, believes that it need not be this way.

Green Spaces Create Happy Workplaces

Green spaces

First impressions count. And creating aesthetically pleasing workspaces, through well-maintained buildings and attractively landscaped grounds, is vital in helping to create a positive impression of your wider organisation. However, as important as image may be, there are arguably more significant benefits to be gained by optimising the environment in which your staff work on a daily basis.


Marsha Hernandez

The facilities management sector employs around one in 10 of the UK working population, providing services that range from security to building and engineering maintenance through to asset management solutions. It is estimated to be worth £111bn a year to the nation’s economy.

FM’s blind spot: how to avoid fuelling myopic data-driven mistakes By Tim Oldman, CEO Leesman

Facilities Show exclusive news from Tim Oldman

In an issue dedicated to data, the RICS Property Journal recently set out a framework to help facilities managers to acquire a holistic view of how assets are performing. Seven key metrics were identified and hailed as enablers of workplace transformation if correctly measured - space utilisation; costs of occupancy; safe, comfortable and compliant; space productivity; location; wellbeing; and lease life.

Make networking work, for you

Facilities Show - David Kentish - Make networking work for you

Networking is all about building relationships and getting to know other people – their skills, attributes, interests and how you can help them – both within your field and outside of it.

Cooperation and collaboration are vital for effective counter-terrorism

Adam Baker

Commercial competitiveness must give way to collaboration as on-site teams work to deter terrorists. Response plans are clearly important but reducing the risk of an attack must always be the focus of counter-terrorism efforts. In the event of an attack, it goes without saying that disaster response and business continuity plans should be well established, known by all staff and tested regularly. Working on the assumption that an attack will happen is the best way to stay prepared in the event that it does.

Store to save with the ‘internet of energy’

Dr Alex Mardapittas

Dr. Alex Mardapittas, Managing Director of Powerstar and inventor of the Virtue energy storage system, discusses how using storage technology can help realise significant savings on energy bills. The UK is currently in the midst of an energy crisis, with peak demand on the National Grid expected to increase six-fold by 2050 and at present, there is simply not enough energy resources to manage the forecasted growth.

When is the right time to upgrade to LEDs'?

Marcus Brodi

Given that light emitting diode (LED) based lighting can save money, reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and has a long life and high quality light output, why aren’t all facilities managers upgrading to this technology? Marcus Brodin, Commercial Director at Future Energy Solutions (FES) believes there’s nothing to fear from LED lighting and that now is a great time to make the switch.

Dispelling the myths of Mobile Access

Jaroslav Barton

Physical access control is a key component of many organisations and can be used for anything, from opening doors to car parks, buildings, secure rooms or even accessing computer files. Much of the technology and systems have remained the same over the past twenty years, but as technology is developing, security providers are increasingly turning to mobile devices for a range of security devices.

Designing Workspaces of the Future

Mary Ann de Lares Norris

With nomadic working life very much the way forward for most businesses, communication is happening from almost anywhere, we hear from Mary Ann de Lares Norris, Oblong Industries’ Vice President EMEA, who explains how new technology is disrupting the ways businesses conduct meetings, so that decisions can be made faster and employees can collaborate easily across time zones.

Go East or Get Fat

Food from the East

Workplace caterers and food producers need to adopt an Eastern approach to catering, seeing food as medicine, rather than simply as a source of sustenance. That was the message from speakers at a British Institute of Facilities Management London Region event this week (9 November 2016), sponsored by Partners In Purchasing, which explored trends in medicinal food.

Does IoT Signal the Death of BMS?

Indi Sall

As enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) deployments begin to gather momentum, Indi Sall, Technical Director – IT Services, NG Bailey, asks what impact this new age of interconnectivity will have on the well-established world of Building Management Systems (BMS).

Effective Supply Chain Partnering

Stephen Henagulph

Stephen Henagulph, Screwfix Business to Business Manager, believes there is scope for closer and longer-term working agreements between facility managers, procurement teams and key suppliers to deliver service level agreements and a first-class service to clients.Stephen Henagulph, Screwfix Business to Business Manager, believes there is scope for closer and longer-term working agreements between facility managers, procurement teams and key suppliers to deliver service level agreements and a first-class service to clients.



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