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Oracle, Verdantix and SmartSpace Discuss the #1 Benefit of Smart Buildings

Last month, Facilities Show held a Smart Buildings Networking and Talk event at its very own 240 Blackfriars. Chris Edwards, Event Director, caught up with some of our speakers to discuss their thoughts on the benefits of smart buildings. He asked: “According to the research presented during the evening, the number one perceived benefit of Smart Buildings amongst FM’s is around Energy Management. What are your views on this?”

Global FM Market to Register CAGR of 12% By 2023

Facilities Management Global Report

The “Global Facilities Management Market 2019-2023” report has revealed that by 2023, the FM market will register a compound annual growth rate of 12%. A number of tech advancements have pushed up a demand for smart FM solutions, paving the way for IoT services to be adopted across the board. See what predictions are on the horizon and what's shaping the market.

Smart Buildings in 2025: What Will the Technology Ecosystem Look Like?

Smart Buildings 2025

There are two different futures imagined – and the difference is in data connectivity. Plus, why the fight for sustainability is highly competitive, how to the focus is shifting to the people using the building, why strategic space management is a consequence of rising costs and the tech you can expect to see very soon.

Smarter Workplaces: Integrating People and Technology


An intelligent workplace should utilise both the capacity and tendencies of humans whilst employing the advantages of automation and new technologies. Technology is improving every aspect of our lives and changing faster than ever before. In the dawn of this Artificial Intelligence and Automation era we must develop and use this to create a more efficient and smart workplace.

5 Ways to Improve Communication within the Facilities Management Industry


The foundation of Facilities Management is built on great communication - it is fundamental to the development of good business practice. FM not only needs great communication as a base to build from, but this approach also needs to filter up and down the chain of workers in FM to create solid interpersonal links. Improving communication within the FM industry has a knock on effect to improving job efficiency, knowledge and time management. So what are the key ways to improve communication in this sector?

The Evolution of Job Management in the Facilities Management Sector: From Piles of Paper to Market Networks

Paperless working

The World Economic Forum says we’re on the cusp of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (or Industry 4.0). Self-driving cars and Artificial Intelligence are no longer just sci-fi fantasies. As our world and the workforce continue to rapidly evolve, it’s clear that we all need to be using efficient job management systems if we’re going to keep up with any of these changes.

Developing a PAT testing plan for critical environments


OCS explains how a planned PAT testing model at the University of Stirling’s is helping the aquaculture facility and other learning & development departments to continue vital research.

OCS’s work in the Middle East focusing on the SSMC


In January 2018, OCS Emirates announced it had secured a five and a half year hard and technical FM contract with the Sheikh Shakhbout Medical City (SSMC), the largest healthcare facility in Abu Dhabi. The agreement represents just one in a number of key healthcare wins for the service provider over the past year, both in the UK and internationally. The significance of this contract also demonstrates how substantially the FM market is growing in the Middle East, following the staggering rate of construction that continues unabated in the region.

Why Market Networks are the Future of HVAC

Cloud technology

Not to be confused with network marketing, market networks are an emerging type of business model aiming to make working life fairer and easier for everybody. By mobilising business communications and securing them on a cloud-based digital platform, market networks enable their users to navigate marketplaces online, connecting with business contacts like friends on a social network. As with previous innovations in office applications and telecommunications, market networks are set to transform existing job management systems for the better.

Approaching Digital Integration in the Workplace

Approaching Digital Integration in the Workplace

Tech is now a fully embedded element of every office - from the advent of the photocopier, the office environment had been fully changed into an evolving technological arena. In June 1975 Business week published an article titled ‘The Office of the Future’ with the second part of the article titled ‘The paperless office’. In 1975, this may have seemed far-fetched - but as computer giants IBM and Xerox dominated an emerging market - their predictions were not so rooted in fantasy.

The data and spatial requirements behind the rise of collaboration

Collaboration, FM

Leesman is a global business intelligence tool that benchmarks how workplaces support employee and organisational performance. The past few years has seen much focus placed by our industry on the importance of collaboration and the resultant spatial needs for people to meet and interact.

The changing perception of contract catering

Catering, FM

Catering providers have been on a silent mission to reshape the industry and inspire workplaces across the country for many years. With ‘health and wellbeing’ no longer viewed as a buzz-term, instead an integral part of everyday life, it’s time to check in and see how this endeavour is going and how it aligns with wider facilities management undertakings. Vacherin, London’s premier contract caterer, believes the catering offering in an organisation could be the missing part of the UK’s ongoing productivity puzzle.

Grundon launches Paper Cup Recycling service

Grundon, recycling

Grundon Waste Management will be unveiling details of its newly-launched Paper Cup Recycling service at this year’s Facilities Show.

Empowering Facilities Management


As a result of recent developments in technology, offices and workplaces are being transformed into digitised, connected environments. From Virtual Reality to the Internet of Things (IoT); new systems and products are being deployed to improve productivity and maximise efficiency.

The DNA of the Perfect FM Leader

Facilities, Leadership

It is widely accepted that Facilities Managers must be multi-skilled in order to execute their work. But how can FM leaders adapt to their ever changing environment? The DNA of a perfect FM leader is hard to define. In a changing landscape an FM leader must now be more multifaceted than ever before. As technology becomes an increasingly important element of a FM leader’s role, they must be able to adapt and be open to utilising new technology alongside more traditional roles and approaches.

Steps to improve sustainability

Sustainability, Facilities management

Long-established methods of pre-commissioning cleaning and ongoing water treatment are heavily reliant on large volumes of water and chemicals, with sampling and consultants the mainstay of understanding system condition. Wasteful and leaving FMs in the dark, Steven Booth, Managing Director of Guardian Water Treatment, says ‘there is another way’, with the latest water treatment solutions enabling FMs to save money and resources, while improving their environmental credentials. 

A good wheeze

Air pollution, healthy lungs

We breathe 25kg of air per day, so minimising airborne pollution clearly matters. But we need to do better – a big part of the population lives and works in areas where particle rates exceed World Health Organisation guidelines. Mark Taylor, Sales Director for Camfil, examines the impact of poor indoor air quality on health and productivity and what FMs can do to ensure that the occupants in their buildings are kept safe.

How to outperform the specialists and save with smarter and better cleaning methods

Facilities, cleaning

In-house teams and general cleaning contractors can out-do the specialists by embracing new and more cost-effective techniques for a range of tasks, according to Denis Rawlins Ltd.

5 Questions to ask your CAFM provider about security

Security, cybersecurity, CAFM

Organisations use computer-aided facility management (CAFM) software to drive maintenance management efficiencies, meet regulatory requirements and store facilities management and asset-related data in an easy-to-access, secure place.

The TFM Report 2018 - Infographic

Total Facilities Management

The aim of the 'TFM Report' is to demonstrate both the positives and negatives of working with outsource suppliers in Facilities Management (FM), specifically Total Facilities Managers (TFMs). For anyone either currently outsourcing or considering doing so, this guide is designed to help you get the most out of the relationship with your service provider. It will also give you an overview of major trends, challenges and opportunities in the market, for companies and TFMs alike.

A new era of flexible business. What does it mean for FM?

Evolving workstations

The average workplace today is very different to what it was just a few decades ago. From emerging technologies becoming more sophisticated and accessible, to the popularity of flexible working and beyond, the accepted standards of working environments are evolving. Satisfying the needs and requirements of this new era of flexible business, means service providers must evolve too.

Combining the efforts of FM and HR

Compliance, FM,HR

Ask anyone working in FM, and they’ll tell you that a relationship with HR is fundamental in allowing them to do their jobs efficiently. In line with the eventual and somewhat reluctant realisation over past years that the key to successful staff retention is centered on taking genuine care of your employees; HR and FM is continuing to merge into one ‘super-role’. Whether contracted externally, or delivered in-house, both HR and FM are services focused on people, businesses, and the buildings that house them.

Compliance: simpler than it sounds

Compliance, FM

Lots of people talk about compliance in the FM world. Clients, FM providers, M&E specialists, H&S consultants, specifiers, the list goes on. But the reality is that everyone interprets the same ‘rules’ differently. At a recent BIFM Leaders Forum, sponsored by Churchill Contract Services, there were more definitions of compliance than people round the table. Twelve people and more than two dozen definitions.

3 things you must do to make the most of exhibiting at Facilities Show 2018

Facilities Show 2018

After many months of preparation, the world’s largest dedicated FM event, Facilities Show can go by in a flash. Ceris Burns, Managing Director of specialist PR agency for the built environment, Ceris Burns International, shares three top tips for maximising the time and money you’ve invested in exhibiting.

How Can We Encourage More Women into Leadership Positions in the FM Industry?

Women in FM

In the FM industry, the further up the employment chain you look - the less women that occupy key roles. This is something we see industry wide, with some reports stating that just 3 - 4% of CEOs worldwide are women. However, there are a much more women taking up entry level positions in the industry. So what is it that puts women off from working in Facilities Management and progressing to managerial roles further up the career ladder?

Food safety and sustainability

Food safety, sustainability

Cromwell Polythene – one of the UK’s leading supplier of sacks, bags and speciality products for the storage and collection of waste and recyclables – is now a member of the Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA).

The relationship between nutrition and wellbeing at work

Wellbeing, nutrition

Eating a well-balanced and nutritious diet can contribute to a whole range of benefits for both employers and employees, including decreased stress and anxiety, boosts in mood and energy levels, and a lower risk of disease. We believe businesses have a duty to actively encourage their employees to change their eating habits, in order to have a healthy impact on the overall wellbeing of the workforce.

New solution for deep cleaning escalators

Cleaning escalators

Any cleaning team can now deep-clean escalators as well as take control of their routine maintenance cleaning with no need to call on specialist contractors or kit.

ISO 45001 – what does it mean for your company?

ISO 45001

ISO 45001 sets out to provide a robust and effective set of processes for improving work safety in global supply chains.  ISO 45001 is the world’s first International Standard for occupational health and safety.

Peak performance at work: stay hydrated!

Hydration at work

Athletes and sportsmen have known for some time that hydration is important to success. It’s not just because it makes the body’s physical systems work better, but because below a certain level of hydration the human brain doesn’t work as well as it should. Therefore, when considering the management of the workplace, it is imperative to understand that your employees need to remain hydrated in order to maximise their cognitive performance.

How sleep impacts our wellbeing at work

Sleep, wellbeing

Advanced Workplace Associates’ (AWA) latest research looks at the factors that most impact cognitive performance - so individuals and organisations can understand and adopt best practices to get everyone’s brain in peak condition.

People power

People power

Discover why Mark Hazelwood, MD of Active Workspace Management, argues that digital tech isn’t just about making a building smart, it’s about making user interaction smarter too. 

Tech trends: an overview

Technology in FM

Find out why Paul Djuric thinks workplace technology is changing faster than at any time in the history of facilities management and maintenance.

Scheduling software users award Fast Lean Smart UK a Net Promoter Score of 100

Jeremy Squire

FLS, Fast Lean Smart, a leader in field force appointment, schedule and route optimisation solutions, is pleased to announce the results of its annual customer satisfaction survey in the UK.

Janus-faced management; looking to to the past and future

Rob Legge, Servest

2017 has been quite a year. Not just for Servest but for the industry as a whole. The dynamics of facilities management have subtly adjusted. There’s now much more pressure on FM service providers to differentiate themselves. To do so, some companies are focusing on certain sectors; others are placing innovation at the core of the offering; and there are those that believe a venture into new territories will give them the edge. For us, it’s about a combination of the above; but the recognition of technology’s game-changing power has particularly curbed our thinking.

Energy Efficiency

Energy Efficiency

Dr Rachel Dick (FRICS) explains how RICS is supporting an important European Commission project on energy efficiency in the built environment.

Mergers and acquisitions within the FM sector


There has been an increase in merger and acquisition activity within the FM services sector over recent years; which according to analysts is set to continue. What are the benefits to customers, clients and the services providers themselves of this level of consolidation within the FM market?

Rubbish revolution

Recycling Bins

The social value of the bin has considerably increased. It has transitioned from being a humble receptacle for waste to an integral component in increasing recycling rates and shaping urban environments.

Knowledge is power

Knowledge is power

Smart technologies and better energy management can lower energy demands and help achieve sustainability goals, argues Nicola Meadows, RWM Event Director at Ascential Events.

Lean and Keen

Lean and keen

A Lean culture can help to motivate employees, satisfy clients and deliver continuous improvement, says Gary Codling, Performance Director at Vinci Facilities.

FM Clinic: ISO 41011:2017 Facility management standard

ISO Standards

The new ISO 41011:2017 Facility management standard is designed to ensure FM is viewed as a strategically important discipline in the management, operation and maintenance of the workplace. It was recently adopted formally by the BIFM; while IFMA and RICS have been active in encouraging those representing the industry to actively engage with the new standard. 

Line of Attack

Cyber Security

Interconnected systems and digital information have revolutionised the way we shop, work and play. The evidence is everywhere. We share many of our waking moments on social media, track our every step and calorie intake on smart devices, and access online marketplaces and banking services anywhere, anytime.

Rules of Engagement

Rules of Engagement

In May this year, corporate office specialist Anabas launched a white paper entitled ‘What type of office worker are you?’, the first in a series looking at the evolution of agile working. The paper focused on the importance of understanding human behaviour and work styles, how they influence interaction within the workplace itself and underpin engagement.

Ways to mitigate unconscious bias

Mitigating unconscious bias

It’s unlikely that anyone would ever dispute that all human beings deserve the same rights and respect – regardless of whether they’re male, female, black, white, heterosexual, homosexual, or whether they don’t fall into any predetermined social constructs or categories. Regardless, gender equality is unfortunately still a mere spec on the horizon.

FM Clinic: Taking the heat out of summer

Taking the heat out of summer

Some recent reports suggest that those employees who are in the office over the summer don’t think that employers support them enough through the summer months, from providing better air conditioning when it’s hot to holding summer events. What can FMs do to ensure that those staff working through the season feel supported and motivated when half the office is on holiday?

Taking the heat

Public transport, fire safety

The complexities of modern transport hubs mean there is no such thing as a standard fire system. Aston Bowles of Advanced looks at the issues involved in protecting the travelling public.

Mixed signals

Connectivity, phone signal

If you’re finding it tricky to get a mobile phone signal in your office building you’re not alone, says Ian Smith, IBC Business Manager at Redstone Connect in London. But just who is responsible for mobile coverage in your workplace and how do you fix it?

Breath easy and stay productive

Breath easy

New evidence suggests indoor air quality directly contributes to staff productivity. FMJ look at the ways a ventilation system can both enhance occupant comfort and contribute to a green infrastructure within buildings. 

Did you know the current Data Protection Act is due to be replaced

Data protection, GDPR, DPA

The new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) what does it mean to you and your organisation? Steve Talbot, Managing Director of IT Efficient, warns FMs to prepare for the upcoming changes in new Euro-wide regulations. 

Innovations make vacuuming easier and more efficient

Facilities Show - Truvox International new showcase

Advanced vacuums that make daily routine of carpet maintenance easier and more efficient are on show at the stand of Truvox International.

Facilitate opportunities at the Facilities Show

Facilitating opportunities at Facilities Show

Advice from Ceris Burns, managing director of show PR partner, Ceris Burns International

Facilities Show 2017 is a calendar milestone for many cleaning and FM organisations.The world’s largest dedicated FM event is the place to exhibit, network, learn and innovate.

Practical innovations boost return on investment with measurably better cleaning results

News - Rawlins

Innovative ways to achieve a better return on investment and cleaning performance will be shared on the Denis Rawlins Ltd stand at the Facilities Show

A Clash of Perspective?

Perspectives, Architecture

One could imagine that architects and door hardware pioneers would constantly be clashing – the former strives for aesthetic perfection while the latter for functionality, safety and security. However Simon Osborne, Commercial Leader of Allegion UK, believes that it need not be this way.

Green Spaces Create Happy Workplaces

Green spaces

First impressions count. And creating aesthetically pleasing workspaces, through well-maintained buildings and attractively landscaped grounds, is vital in helping to create a positive impression of your wider organisation. However, as important as image may be, there are arguably more significant benefits to be gained by optimising the environment in which your staff work on a daily basis.


Marsha Hernandez

The facilities management sector employs around one in 10 of the UK working population, providing services that range from security to building and engineering maintenance through to asset management solutions. It is estimated to be worth £111bn a year to the nation’s economy.

FM’s blind spot: how to avoid fuelling myopic data-driven mistakes By Tim Oldman, CEO Leesman

Facilities Show exclusive news from Tim Oldman

In an issue dedicated to data, the RICS Property Journal recently set out a framework to help facilities managers to acquire a holistic view of how assets are performing. Seven key metrics were identified and hailed as enablers of workplace transformation if correctly measured - space utilisation; costs of occupancy; safe, comfortable and compliant; space productivity; location; wellbeing; and lease life.

Make networking work, for you

Facilities Show - David Kentish - Make networking work for you

Networking is all about building relationships and getting to know other people – their skills, attributes, interests and how you can help them – both within your field and outside of it.

Cooperation and collaboration are vital for effective counter-terrorism

Adam Baker

Commercial competitiveness must give way to collaboration as on-site teams work to deter terrorists. Response plans are clearly important but reducing the risk of an attack must always be the focus of counter-terrorism efforts. In the event of an attack, it goes without saying that disaster response and business continuity plans should be well established, known by all staff and tested regularly. Working on the assumption that an attack will happen is the best way to stay prepared in the event that it does.

Store to save with the ‘internet of energy’

Dr Alex Mardapittas

Dr. Alex Mardapittas, Managing Director of Powerstar and inventor of the Virtue energy storage system, discusses how using storage technology can help realise significant savings on energy bills. The UK is currently in the midst of an energy crisis, with peak demand on the National Grid expected to increase six-fold by 2050 and at present, there is simply not enough energy resources to manage the forecasted growth.

When is the right time to upgrade to LEDs'?

Marcus Brodi

Given that light emitting diode (LED) based lighting can save money, reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and has a long life and high quality light output, why aren’t all facilities managers upgrading to this technology? Marcus Brodin, Commercial Director at Future Energy Solutions (FES) believes there’s nothing to fear from LED lighting and that now is a great time to make the switch.

Dispelling the myths of Mobile Access

Jaroslav Barton

Physical access control is a key component of many organisations and can be used for anything, from opening doors to car parks, buildings, secure rooms or even accessing computer files. Much of the technology and systems have remained the same over the past twenty years, but as technology is developing, security providers are increasingly turning to mobile devices for a range of security devices.

Designing Workspaces of the Future

Mary Ann de Lares Norris

With nomadic working life very much the way forward for most businesses, communication is happening from almost anywhere, we hear from Mary Ann de Lares Norris, Oblong Industries’ Vice President EMEA, who explains how new technology is disrupting the ways businesses conduct meetings, so that decisions can be made faster and employees can collaborate easily across time zones.

Go East or Get Fat

Food from the East

Workplace caterers and food producers need to adopt an Eastern approach to catering, seeing food as medicine, rather than simply as a source of sustenance. That was the message from speakers at a British Institute of Facilities Management London Region event this week (9 November 2016), sponsored by Partners In Purchasing, which explored trends in medicinal food.

Does IoT Signal the Death of BMS?

Indi Sall

As enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) deployments begin to gather momentum, Indi Sall, Technical Director – IT Services, NG Bailey, asks what impact this new age of interconnectivity will have on the well-established world of Building Management Systems (BMS).

Effective Supply Chain Partnering

Stephen Henagulph, Screwfix Business to Business Manager, believes there is scope for closer and longer-term working agreements between facility managers, procurement teams and key suppliers to deliver service level agreements and a first-class service to clients.Stephen Henagulph, Screwfix Business to Business Manager, believes there is scope for closer and longer-term working agreements between facility managers, procurement teams and key suppliers to deliver service level agreements and a first-class service to clients.


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