Field Service Management Expo

Field Service Management continues to grow as an integral part of business today. With more and more connectivity and consumers increased demand for instant gratification, the need for an entire supply chain to run seamlessly is compulsory.

In 2019, Field Service Management Expo will move into the neighbouring Facilities Show to become part of a larger zone dedicated to showcasing technology that benefits those running workforces and workplaces. 

Whilst this zone will be named Smart Buildings, it will include a dedicated education theatre that will discuss topics right at the heart of service management such as IoT, AI and mobile strategies. 
Some of the suppliers already committed to 2019 include Verizon, Big Change Apps and Kirona. 

To find out more about what your customers will be able to see and learn in this exciting new zone contact [email protected] or call +442079218325.

Facilities Show

Former Field Service Management Expo exhibitor, Commusoft, shares its excitement about moving into Facilities Show

"[Field Service Management Expo] was a software-as-a-service show, which all of our competitors attended, as well. Yes, Facilities Show can work, since it includes the FSM category. It’s crucial that not just the field service team has the best tech when they are on site, but that the office team is prepared and ready to handle any situation. Good technology can ensure the office and field teams are always in sync and optimised to support each other."