Facilities Management Theatre

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The smart client programme
10:15 - 11:45
Commercial Director
Rider Levett Bucknall (UK) Limited
Key Facilities Management and BIFM Academy Trainer
Lead Partner
Strategic Asset & FM Consultancy

Transitioning from a being hands-on FM to becoming a strategic manager of contractors to provide your FM services is not always easy. This smarter client programme from BIFM will help you to develop your strategic procurement and contract management skills - because if your service provider fails, you fail.

Using the new International Standard to improve FM quality - Stan Mitchell

Stan Mitchell, chair of the BSI FM Standards Committee and chair of KeyFM will help you take advantage of the new ISO standard to set the strategy for your procurement and then make sure you can use it step-by-step to run quality procurements and end up with quality services. He will also help you to cast yourself in the right role – managing service providers to deliver your organisational goals, not micro-managing them.

Choosing a supplier for win/win outcomes - Chris Jeffers or Liz Kentish

How to choose your supplier Working closely with your suppliers without getting in their way, setting clear and meaningful KPIs, building collaborative relationships and breaking down silos while sticking to the original price for the job sounds as if it requires Superman or Wonder Woman – Liz Kentish and Chris Jeffers will show you how you can Get Cape, Wear Cape – Manage.

How to assess and green light your suppliers’ ideas to achieve successful innovation – Anne Kinder or Gavin Ogg

The pressure is on to achieve cost savings without service reduction and that means innovation. But innovation can also bring risk. In this presentation, xxxx will take you step by step through the process for identifying possible routes to innovation, and assessing the options to deliver optimum value at lowest risk.

Must be pre-booked. To book: http://www.bifm.org.uk/bifm/events/view/4599

FMJ Debate: Workplaces of the future
12:00 - 12:40
Burtt-Jones & Brewer
Managing Director
Principal Technical Consultant
Active FM
Head of UK Estates
British Medical Association

What will employees expect from their workplace by 2025?
Will there be an increase in non-traditional spaces, such as gyms?
What will be FMs' biggest challenge in managing workplaces of the future?
What role will sustainability play?

The Personalised Workplace; Prioritising People
12:50 - 13:30
Head of Workplace - EMEA
CBRE Global Workplace Solutions
Head of Customer Experience, Global Workplace Solutions EMEA

How is User Experience influencing workplace change? This session will centre on the growing focus of ‘Real Estate as a Service’, in particular the ‘User Experience’, with companies increasingly recognising that its people are at the heart of business.

With real case studies of brands who are applying CBRE’s wellness and experience initiatives, Head of Workplace Lewis Beck will touch on the role of data in measuring and realising tangible benefits to end users. What constitutes ‘success’ in the modern workplace (design, build and management), and what are the potential benefits, both financial and otherwise?

The workplace - Future expectations
13:40 - 14:10
Director of Global Product Strategy & Innovation
Planon Software

Probably the most vivid conversations held in Real Estate and Facility Management are around workplaces. Conversations range from how to define them to how to design them and how to assess their contribution to the business. As our society and economy digitises, new requirements on workplaces are being put forward. Effectively, part of the workplace is digitising itself. In this address we will discuss workplace trends and requirements we see trending and emerging.

Countering Terrorism - an update & practical guidance for FMs
14:20 - 14:50
CSyP Director
Corps Consultant

This session will explore the following:
- The sources of threat & terrorist methodology
- The impact on the public and private sector companies/ organisations
- The implications for FMs and premises managers, and the expectations
- Terrorism and crime prevention
- Sources of support & information for FMs
- Education + information = Awareness
- Importance of policies, procedures/SOPs
- Staff training and awareness programmes
- Security Review/Survey/Audits
- Penetration testing
- Enhancing and upgrading security measures/procedures
- Contingency and emergency planning
- Review and re-educate

Panel: Delivering Top Class FM on a budget
15:00 - 15:40
Head of Estates Services
London South Bank University
Chief Executive
Head of Practice – Assurance Consultancy
WYG Group
Vice Chair

- Understanding business needs: Working together to determine what is critical for the business

- It’s not just about cost saving –but how can FMs do more and be more valuable to the core business?

- Technology – augmenting the human with technology to reduce cost.

- Asset Data – Capturing cost-effective, quality data to enable informed decisions regarding asset risk’

Locknote Panel: Office moves, refurbs and relocation.
15:50 - 16:40
Managing Director
O M G Consultancy
Head of Sustainability
Regent Street Management
Facilities Manager Northern Europe
Red Hat
Principal Technical Consultant

How to decide whether to move or refurb, looking at space utilisation?
What needs to be taken into consideration in the planning stage of a move or refurb?
What should you have on your move checklist?
Lessons learnt from moves & refurbs around the world
‘Circular office’ initiative and sustainability