Occupational Health & Wellbeing Theatre

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Workplace design and wellbeing
10:30 - 11:15
Il Prisma
Aukett Swanke
Country manager UK Branch & strategy director BU Destinations
Il Prisma

- How often is a focus on wellbeing currently being included in design briefs? 
- How do you represent wellbeing into designs? And what are the outcomes for workers?
- Examples of leading projects  

Practical considerations for implementing mental health first aid
12:30 - 13:00
Managing Director
The Healthy Work Company
Safety Director
West Midlands Trains

Mental Health First Aid is the best-known training course available for companies who wish to start raising awareness and reducing stigma in their organisations. Before implementing it, you need to consider a number of factors such as how you will support MHFAiders. This session is brought to you from The Healthy Work Company who have trained organisations such as ITV, Mace, Allianz, Man Truck and Bus, Royal Shakespeare Company, Luton Airport,West Midland trains,  mainly working with the Health and Safety Director on the strategy behind the sessions.  

Human-focused human factors
13:10 - 13:40
Principal Consultant

Human Factors is an applied science in which we strive to identify, understand and manage those things which influence our (human) performance at work for better or worse. Sometimes these factors are simple to identify and understand, but not always. There is usually more than one factor influencing our performance and there are many effective Human Factors techniques to help us understand and manage these. In this presentation, I’d like to consider how we have traditionally applied this science across industry and whether we can (and should) apply Human Factors in a more Human Focused style than before.

Using nature-inspired design to improve office occupant health and wellbeing
13:50 - 14:20
Research Director

BRE and partners have commenced a long-term project “The Biophilic Office project” to grow and deepen the evidence base for health, wellbeing and productivity impacts of creating a restorative office environment. Alongside indoor environment the measurement of the physiological and psychological wellbeing of office occupants forms the evidence base to help understand the return on investment for office refurbishment using nature-inspired biophilic design. Does refurbishing with higher levels of occupant wellbeing in mind bring a greater return – in terms of business performance, reduced absenteeism and improved reported levels of wellness?

New mental health and wellbeing support tool
14:30 - 14:50
Getting a good night's sleep: the impact on fatigue on safety and how to deal with it in the workplace
15:00 - 15:30
Managing Director
Third Pillar of Health Ltd

• Levels of sleeplessness across society and the rise in sleep disorders
• The link between sleep, health and performance
• The link between sleep and stress
• How to go about understanding the extent, impact and causes of tiredness and fatigue in staff
• Interventions and solutions in the workplace

Workplace design and its impact on productivity and wellbeing
15:40 - 16:10
Workplace Consultant and Designer
IOSH managing occupational health and wellbeing
16:20 - 16:50
Director of Business Services

The session will outline the growing business case for occupational health and wellbeing programmes in business.  Delegates will gain insight into how investments in health and wellbeing are providing organisations with competitive advantage and how IOSH is supporting organisation’s to implement leading practical steps to deliver ‘the healthy profit’.