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A human-centric approach to Smart Buildings
11:00 - 11:30

All too often commercial buildings are delivered based on “Output NOT outcomes”. Putting the user experience at the centre of the design process and using technology as a “means to an end, not the end itself” will enable the industry to deliver buildings that are fit for purpose. The Internet of Things will be central to this process, as increasingly buildings will be driven by data. After all you can’t measure what we can’t measure.

Panel: Technology as a force for change -We are technology companies, aren’t we?
11:40 - 12:25
Strategy Director
Service Works
Director and co-founder
Workplace Services Consultancy Development
Senior Workplace Strategist
Head of Occupier Engagement & Service Delivery
Legal & General Investment Management Real Assets

Facilitated by: Ian Ellison, Director and co-founder, 3edges

Technology has always played a role in shaping the FM profession and the broader facilities services industry within which the profession operates. Therefore; this panel debate will explore further the understanding of how technology will shape the FM profession in the future but also what’s happening right here and now.

Panel: Smart Building Myths
12:35 - 13:20
Digital Consultant
Smarter Buildings Consulting Lead
Chief Executive
Chief Digital Officer
Atalian Servest
Business Development Manager

Smart Buildings (and smart technology) is the future, it continues to develop at a rapid speed and the benefits are immense - reduction of costs, saving energy, improving occupant's experience and wellbeing etc. However, there are also many misconceptions about Smart Buildings. Our panel of experts will discuss and debunk some of the top  Smart Building myths -

  • Myth: You need to have a new building/ need major renovations for it to be considered smart
  • Myth: Smart buildings will make things wonderful 
  • Myth: Smart Buildings benefits are all about energy and digitalisation
  • Myth: Smart Buildings are insecure, an easy target for cyber hackers etc.
  • Myth: There is only one definition or one set template for smart buildings
  • Myth: You can't define the business case
  • Myth: There are no good showcases
  • Myth: Its impossible to say who owns the smart building data
Technology Trends: AI & Machine learning at work
13:30 - 14:15
Customer Experience & Innovations Manager
Capita Customer Management
Head of Innovation
Data, Analytics & Insight Forum

With digital transformation proceeding at an unprecedented pace, the opportunities of data science is opening up for professionals in all kinds of operation –not just in the world of google or Facebook. Join three experienced practitioners from the world of customer service to bring you insight into the ways in which AI & Analytics can be a game-changer for all of us. Don’t let these changes confuse or dismay you –and certainly don’t let it all pass you by! Take a few moments to get up to speed with some of the newest, most exciting developments and reflect on how they can be put to practical use in our real world.

Between Hype and Reality: Connectivity and Integration
14:25 - 14:55
Founder and CEO

The Internet of Things is the buzzword of the moment but there is an often overlooked chasm between the hype around it and the reality of integrating this technology into day-to-day business processes. As housing associations pressure field service companies into becoming truly connected and providing the end consumer with a tightly knit digital experience, who exactly is going to foot the bill for implementing the technology? Jason's experience with Oprillo, a business venture that aimed to connect domestic infrastructures with field service companies using IoT tech under the end consumer’s control, showed him that there is a perfect fantasy world and there is the ambivalent present. During this panel, he'll use his unique insight to explore the level we are at now, in terms of connectivity and integration, where we'll be in 5 years, and the technology that will bridge the chasm."

The revolution of Mixed Reality: Bringing Field Service into the future
15:05 - 15:35

Roberto will touch upon the most innovative and ground-breaking technologies that are being utilised by some of the 21st century’s advanced organisations in the Field Service industry.

A Key focus of the demonstration will include different ways that businesses can utilise Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Mixed Reality to optimise the way that they monitor their products and their staff, in order to ultimately improve their overall delivery of service.

Roberto’s presentation will specifically outline the numerous benefits of exploiting cutting-edge technology that can be used with Microsoft’s impressive business solution, Dynamics 365. It is not one to be missed by the technophiles, or any of those who work within the Field Service industry, or simply those that have a general interest in AI and Mixed Reality technologies.