How to Make Office Cleaning More Sustainable

Cleaning is an often-underappreciated part of facilities management. Cleaners are frequently taken for granted, and the real and measurable impact a clean office can have on wellbeing, motivation and productivity is rarely considered. A clean office also prevents accidents, reduces the risk of illness spreading, removes hazardous substances and materials, and projects a positive image of the company.

Then there’s waste management: firms and building managers are increasingly concerned about waste removal and recycling, and several new regulations have been introduced over the last decade to manage this.

But cleaning and waste disposal can be unsustainable, so firms such as Indepth Managed Services, which provides effective, efficient cleaning services, are committed to meeting strong standards to reduce any negative impact on the environment.


A resource-intensive industry
Commercial cleaning can be highly resource-intensive. From the raw materials used to make the products—including potentially harmful chemicals used in production—to the water used by cleaners themselves, there are several problem areas when it comes to sustainability.

The United Kingdom Cleaning Product Industry Association (UKPCI) has issued advice on how cleaning products must remain sustainable:

  • Economic sustainability: products and equipment must be affordable and financially viable so that companies can afford to provide a high level of cleanliness; they must provide stable employment for the people and companies who make them
  • Social sustainability: cleaning products must effectively remove harmful germs and allergens, and make surfaces, fabrics, clothes and office spaces clean, attractive and comfortable; however, they must not be harmful to human health, containing no allergens or dangerous and corrosive substances
  • Environmental sustainability: cleaning products must not be harmful to wildlife and the living environment, and must not do unnecessary environmental damaged when they are produced, used or disposed of

However, new technologies are meeting the challenge, including high-efficiency particulate filtration systems, no-touch cleaning systems and a new generation of environmentally-friendly solvents. These products can more effectively remove pollutants than traditional products, and can do so efficiently and at a much-reduced cost. They can in some cases eliminate the need for vacuums and mops that may simply ‘rearrange’ the dirt.

Water waste is a major concern
Commercial cleaning is also a water-intensive industry, and as a result water waste disposal is a key concern. However, there’s a fairly simple method for reducing water waste: implementing stricter limits on water usage. Adopting flat mops and low-moisture vacuum systems can also be enormously beneficial, as these can cleaning just as effectively while using far less water.


Waste disposal — recycling is key
When it comes to waste disposal, recycling is key. There are legal requirements when it comes to proper sorting and removal of waste, so having an effective regime within your office is essential. Encouraging people to use reusable and recyclable cups and packaging is part of this, but facilities managers must also reduce the amount of plastic an office use, including plastic bin liners.

Why go green?
Companies know the value of meeting environmental and sustainability commitments—as much as anything else, it provides valuable positive press and improves their brand reputation. Cleaning has serious benefits for a workplace, so ensuring it is done is as sustainable and environmentally friendly a way as possible is vital.

About Indepth Managed Services

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