New CPD Set to Help with Specification of Toilets & Urinals

Toilet solutions manufacturer Fluidmaster, has launched a new CPD module focusing on specification of urinals and toilets. Ideal for anyone involved in the maintenance, planning or installation of washrooms, bathrooms or public conveniences, the CPD is available now and investigates important themes including product choice, sustainable water management, public health, regulations and legislation.


“Toilets are responsible for a large amount of water used in commercial and residential properties;  with approx 65% of water used in offices and 30% of water used in the home going to flush the toilet. Bearing this in mind, it’s easy to see why effective toilet specification, flushing and filling could make a huge difference to overall consumption.” Adrian Hibbert, Specification Manager 


Exploring the importance of correct water management and system specification for urinals and toilets is becoming increasingly important, as those involved in any kind of facilities maintenance or management will know.


Recently released, Fluidmaster’s new online CPD module takes an in-depth look at the specification of washrooms, bathrooms and conveniences in public,
private and residential development projects.

The CPD also examines the correct specification and installation of water management systems and the associated impact on the efficiency of buildings, occupant comfort and the lifecycle of the solution; identifying project-specific criteria and exploring the different options for cisterns, valves and controls.

Also covered is the impact of efficient and sustainable solutions in relation to the importance of achieving a UK net
zero carbon emission target and to the preservation of natural resources, including water. 

 Said Hibbert: “For facilities managers, maintenance departments and services managers, our new specification CPD gives an in-depth insight into what to
consider and how to approach the choice of toilets and urinals in all kinds of project; from public washrooms to residential developments.

"With water management and sustainability of prime importance, it’s an essential topic and we’re pleased to be able to share this valuable information.”


The new Fluidmaster CPD is quick and easy to access and can be completed free of charge at:

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Published 25.05.2021