Evaccess ‘Evacuation and Access solutions with people in mind’

Not everyone is the same, and therefore  individual needs often need the right solution, not just any solution, say Evaccess.

Evaccess are a company who specialise in Evacuation and Access for Persons of Reduced Mobility (PRM). We offer bespoke equipment that puts the specific needs of a person FIRST.

We have the most comprehensive range of products and offer you expert advice. Whether, a powered or manual wheelchair user who should not be transferred out of their chair, or a safe and reliable alternative in the common occurrence of a lift breakdown – it is unadvisable to use a lift in an emergency! Spiral, flared stairs, outdoor terrain, or narrow and awkward landings - we have the right solution.

A People-Centred Company

We pride ourselves on putting people first – just because a standard evacuation chair ticks certain boxes with health and safety and legislation it does not mean it is the most suitable solution for all. It is so important that building owners are not discriminating against reduced mobility persons by having parts of their premises inaccessible. We strongly advise having powered machines in any buildings with wheelchair reliant employee’s or in public buildings where
visitors are varied, and you never know who is likely to require access to the building or need to be evacuated in an emergency. Refuge areas are not a place of safety – if the means to get people out of a building exist, they should be in place. Vital moments can be wasted whilst waiting for the Fire Service in a refuge area. Transporting individuals out of a building in their wheelchair also provides a more dignified means of escape and allows the option for independent onward travel once outside the building. Clients have previously described their wheelchairs as being “part of me” therefore, if it is avoidable – why should they be expected to leave it behind?

This is completely avoidable – we have a range of solutions which will prevent this eventuality. 

 Did you know?

PEEPS: Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan

Having a personal emergency evacuation plan in place for anyone who may require one is imperative. It is your responsibility to get people to a place of safety (not a refuge area), not that of the Fire Service. If you have a particular person who requires assistance, then a Personal Emergency Evacuation Plan (PEEPs) must
be completed, and the correct equipment purchased.

Why purchase a ‘standard evac chair’ for a person in a powered wheelchair, that cannot be used by the
person who needs it?


Service, Training and Site Surveys

We also go one step further by also providing a FREE site survey ensuring that the recommendation is the best equipment for the situation. We can then install the equipment and follow up with training courses in it is use. Following this we can offer annual service and maintenance to ensure the equipment remains safe and in full working use.


Movement of Goods

As well as the movement of people, we provide equipment designed for the safe movement and handling of goods. The equipment ensures that heavy objects can be transferred without dame the aesthetics of the building of injury to assisting parties. 

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Press release supplied by Evacess and published 22.06.2021