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Your Workspace are experts in helping businesses  transition to an agile way of working through innovative workplace furniture and smart storage solutions. 

They are offering companies the chance to trial a smart locker scheme as part of a new initiative to help business owners get their staff back to the office, safely.

The working environment has evolved  from how we knew it and over the last nine months, the workplace has had to change in ways that have been beyond our control. 

Many businesses have had to adapt to agile working much earlier than expected. In fact, it’s estimated that in six months, we’ve adapted to a working style that should have taken four years to transition into.

The rapid evolution of the hybrid workplace has allowed employees the flexibility to work from home, with the security of an office environment if and when needed. 


Smart storage

As we start filtering back into the workplace, smart storage should take high priority as part of  return to work strategies. Not only do these facilities comply with government health and safety regulations but also ensure the welfare of all staff. Your Wokspace contactless lockers are a future-proof step in the right direction. Our goal is to help ease the transition back to the workplace and contribute to keeping businesses safe whilst we adapt to the new normal.


Sample Simplicity

As the UK’s number one supplier of smart storage, here at Your Workspace, we’re offering businesses the chance to trial our scheme as part of a new initiative to help business owners get their staff back to the office, safely. Our concept, aptly named ‘Sample Simplicity’, allows businesses to
loan a bank of up to 20 new Simplicity smart lockers, to use for a three-month period. It provides a valuable alteration to the workplace that helps business owners looking for smart workplace solutions to aid the agile working of their staff.

Our smart locker trial concept offers full access to new innovative technology, with no commitment to place an order at the end. There has also been new COVID-19 safety features added to the workplace lockers, which offer invaluable integrated safety functions. For example, with the remote management, there is the ability to allocate contactless lockers 2 metres apart to aid social distancing practises, as well as a cleaning function to keep lockers sanitised. 

Adrian Cowley, Managing Director, says: “We understand that in these unsettling economic times, businesses want to cut back on unnecessary costs, making sure that any changes to the workplace are beneficial, with a clear return on investment. We are proud advocates of our smart locker solutions. We wanted to share our fantastic product offering with new clients who have not yet experienced the invaluable features and benefits Simplicity has to offer. We want to support our clients through what has been a turbulent year, and our new trial initiative, ‘Sample Simplicity’, allows us to do this.”

Smart technology

A question that has been posed before is ‘how do I know how much storage I need?’, which is why launching this trial will answer that question for companies and in the most cost-effective way. Businesses who sign up to this new concept will be allocated an Account Manager for the 
duration of the trial who will help set business rules and goals. At the end of the trial period a report is generated to analyse the data which can help with
making future business decisions. Businesses can then decide whether to keep the lockers or obtain more after seeing the benefits smart storage lockers can bring.

 Simplicity smart lockers offer a whole host of features and benefits which will enhance both the user experience and help organisations to make informed business decisions based on data. One of the biggest benefits to our lockers is the reporting capabilities. The new technology can report on a whole host of data collected throughout the trial. Being able to track real-time usage can help with implementing COVID-19 strategies, aid workspace design, as well as analysing whether your space is being utilised effectively.

 There are two different types of Simplicity smart locker which vary because of how you access the locker, either via the control panel on the outside of the locker bank, or, by using a key card on the actual door. Both versions can be integrated with a software which is called ReleezeMe, and this is supplied by a company called Vecos. You can also integrate a free mobile app that can access the locker in either way.


Contact us

It’s the perfect try before you buy scheme and as a result of our cutting edge storage, we have previously experienced a 100% success rate when it comes to customers re-ordering after a trial, utilising the tech across one or more locations. In order to secure a unit and enjoy the benefits, businesses who meet the criteria can simply fill in the application form on the website or get in contact with our team directly. As the only manufacturer offering this exclusive service, there are a limited number of units available.

We look forward to hearing from you. 



Article from Your Workspace published 11.12.2020