The Future is BIM - Adapt or Get Left Behind

Building information modelling (BIM) has continuously intrigued the FM industry.

The many ways in which buildings can be constructed and maintained, how building performance can be understood from BIM data, in addition to how practical it is to implement BIM, are only a few of the questions it brings for Facilities Managers.

In this eBook, you can read the invaluable discussion from Service Works Global (a leading provider of FM, Space and BIM services) around how FM’s perceptions of BIM can be changed, what has changed since the BIM level 2 mandate and the future for BIM.

Chapters include:

  • BIM - can value be demonstrated for existing buildings?
  • Why has there been a low uptake on BIM to date?
  • What’s changed since the BIM level 2 mandate and is the private sector using it?
  • Are FMs taking advantage of other developments to manage their buildings?
  • Data is a valuable resource so why are only a small percentage of companies integrating BIM with CAFM?
  • How can we change FMs’ perceptions of BIM?
  • What is the future for BIM?


The future is BIM -  don't get left behind

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