Join FSI at Facilities Show to celebrate 30 years of global innovation

From floppy disks to the digital age, FSI celebrates its three decades serving the Facilities Management sector.

Leading CAFM/IWMS company FSI, an exhibitor at Facilities Show,  is celebrating its 30th birthday, having launched just one year after the World Wide Web was invented. At a time when total facilities management was just emerging, FSI was installing its first system for one of the world’s largest insurance companies. Domestic and international implementation was serviced on-site, through the painstaking process of installing multiple floppy disks on every computer.


Empowered by technology
What started with 42k dial-up modems and 24-character limit pagers has transformed into a global business with ground-breaking software development and over 200 employees worldwide. Today, FSI is no longer limited by technology and instead empowered by it. Its leading developers have shaped and innovated its products to allow clients to harness data like never before. With 80% of client work now undertaken remotely, FSI has very much grown up with the FM industry, and it is incredibly proud to have seen the role of CAFM/IWMS in businesses become so pivotal to everyday operations. Automation has always been a driving force behind FSI’s innovation, as demonstrated by the introduction of Workflow in 2001.

The company has survived the relentless demand of the industry, skill shortages and an entire product redevelopment from hardware to a web-based application just as the 2008 recession hit.

Championing the user
Compton Darlington, Business Development Director at FSI, attributes this success partially to FSI’s approach:

“We believe that client input should lead the solutions we develop. It’s fundamental for the people using our products every day to feed into the way they evolve. That’s why we have specialist groups that listen to the heartbeat of the industry, and champion what users really need to adapt to ever-changing workplace environments”.

To recognise this incredible milestone, FSI will be showcasing its brand new website and iteration of its visual identity – one that better represents its standing as a leading CAFM/IWMS company. The team has made many noteworthy strides, embracing technologies such as IoT and BIM to deliver a next-level service to FM clients. It’s exciting times ahead, with the next chapter set to see even more innovation take place.

Using data to help clients make cost savings and grow
Paul Bullard, Business Strategy Director explains:

“Facilities management has always been a very retrospective industry. At FSI, we’re looking to take the latest trends in technology and enable our clients to use their data to shape and deliver maintenance more effectively. If we can take our learnings from collective task data amassed over the years to actually drive our clients’ systems and make predictions, we can help them become infinitely more agile, allow them to grow into new regions and markets, and create incredible cost-savings for their businesses”.

See FSI’s new website and keep up with its latest news here:


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First published 02/03/2020