At Informa Markets, we are taking accelerated steps to reduce our carbon and waste footprint and to help our customers understand their own climate impacts, championing the shift to a lower carbon future across the specialist markets we work in.

Better stands

Better Stands is our landmark campaign to reduce the waste that stands and booths at exhibitions can create. We are working with customers to phase out all disposable stands at our EMEA events by 2024.

Plus, we are looking to expand this initiative to other regions and by co-ordinating with our peers and partners in the industry.

Better Stands also shows how sustainable business can be better business too. Reusable structures not only reduce waste but they can reduce the time it takes to construct and take down stands, reduce the cost of design and construction and allow for investment in higher quality and more successful stands.

Our Goals

Our direct consumption of natural resources is relatively limited, and under our FasterForward programme, we are working towards being a zero waste and net zero carbon business by 2030.

We are reducing the emissions associated with our business as far as possible, by being more efficient with energy consumption and using renewable electricity.

We are also reducing the emissions associated with our supply chain and customer use of our products and services as far as practical.

Where emissions are unavoidable, we purchase high quality carbon offsets, supporting projects around the world that have been certified as reducing or avoiding greenhouse gases being emitted.

1/ Become carbon neutral as a business and across our products by 2025

2/ Halve the waste generated through our products and events by 2025

3/ Become zero waste and net zero carbon by 2030 or earlier