As we're sure you're aware, all media channels have their place in a campaign, whether it's TV, social, radio, press or exhibitions. However what you're looking for is the mix that will generator the greatest ROI, and meet your specific objectives.

Exhibitions are widely regarded by business directors and owners as the best quality media channel. What you get from exhibiting at Facilities Show though is what 93% of Marketers and business directors feel is the most effective media channel to convert prospects. (FaceTime stats).
With Facilities Show being the largest FM event in the world, it's the perfect place for you to deliver ROI and meet business objectives.

Independent research has also found that:

  • 80% of those polled agreed that live events deliver better ROI than other media.
  • 93% of marketers and business directors and business owners feel face-to-face marketing to be the most persuasive media channel
  • 81% of directors agree that average order value with human interaction is over 15 times greater compared to other media investment.
  • It's been proven exhibitions are the place for businesses to do business, they're packed with high worth professionals with a budget.
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