Yo-Yo Desk- a revolutionary standing desk which allows you to work both sitting & standing. Incorporating a unique gas spring for smoother up/down movement to 15 adjustable heights, the Yo-Yo Desk® sits on top of an existing workstation, so causes minimal disruption to your office layout. It comes in three sizes and two colours, with prices starting at an incredible £183.29 (Ex VAT) making it a cost-effective solution for both corporate customers and individuals. Customers range from Hampton Court Royal Palace to the Royal Navy, Dyson to DreamWorks, Universities to Channel 4.

Yo-Yo Desk GO™ – our latest standing desks allow the user to affix a Single or Double Monitor Screen for unrivalled ergonomic positioning and comfort. Launching later this year, Yo-Yo Desk GO™ effortlessly transforms any desk into a personalised sit-stand desk. The height adjustable keyboard tray glides up/down to any height. Flexible monitor movement capability enables swivel, rotation and tilt thereby making it the optimal sit-stand solution. It comes in two colours, with prices starting at a brilliant £233.29 (Ex VAT)!

The proven benefits of standing at work include:

· increased calorie burn and step count
· improved blood circulation, posture, oxygen flow to the brain
· raised metabolism
· improved concentration, productivity and motivation
· reduced blood pressure and stress levels

The Yo-Yo Desk® is a top-seller from Sit-Stand.Com, the UK's leading supplier of affordable, height-adjustable standing desks, sit-stand accessories and active seating solutions.


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