Experience the UBM headquarters in 360-degrees

In 2015 UBM arduously packed up their papers, computers and their employee’s belongings and moved all of 50 metres to the other side of Southwark Street to their new headquarters at 240 Blackfriars. The move to the smart London skyscraper prompted UBM to shift towards more agile ways of working. By designing an office with neighbourhoods, they reduced the space required by the various exhibition organiser teams.

UBM approached Euroworkspace to find the perfect storage for the company's needs. The result was the installation of the Simplicity smart locker solution. Thanks to its integration with UBM's existing IT systems, staff were able to use their existing building access cards to get to their lockers with one simple swipe.

For the 2018 edition of Facilities Show, UBM and Euroworkspace have reunited. Facilities Show attendees will get an insider view of London’s Smartest Building, with insight into what an agile workplace looks like from the eyes of those that work within it.

240 Blackfriars, UBM

Stopping by Euroworkspace stand at Facilities Show this year will allow you experience the UBM offices for yourself with our immersive Google Cardboard VR experience. The free virtual reality app displays 360-degree photographic/video content. When used with a simple smartphone viewer, you’ll be able to step into each room and space as if you were there.


Head to Stand Q450 and experience London’s Smartest Building for yourself. Haven't registered for the show yet? There's still time - get your free ticket now