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Yikes! Grass really is greener.

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Happy Tuesday!

So it looks like the grass is actually always greener on the other side. Or more accurately: The world is better if it's greener. If you rolled your eyes and said "Well, DUH!", we're talking about offices. Our big research piece around Biophilic Design explains why. Carefully planning a workspace or urban area around access to nature has an enormous impact on health, wellbeing, productivity and creativity. 

Here's some good news to begin with:

You're also invited to the Health, Safety & FM Golf Championships, presented by Shirley Parsons & the Facilities Show, and in association with SHP Online, FMJ, and Safety & Health Expo, is set to take place in Nottingham on 11 September. Last few spots remaining.

Driverless cars in 1926.

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Happy Tuesday!

Here's something to chew on. On December 8th 1926, readers of the Milwaukee Sentinel newspaper will have gaped at the following self-driving car article:

“A phantom motor car will haunt the streets of Milwaukee today. Driverless, it will start its own motor, throw in its clutch, twist its steering wheel, toot its horn and it may even ‘sass’ the policeman at the corner. The ‘master mind’ that will guide the machine as it prowls in an out of the busy traffic will be a radio set in a car behind. Commanding waves sent from the second machine will be caught by a receiving set in the ‘ghost car.’”

So, how novel are they?

Other top stories today:

  • A new co-working space opens up every 5 days in London, and every 7 in New York
  • 67 per cent of workers who have struggled with their mental wellbeing have never told their employer
  • Waste collection systems currently used by UK councils may be responsible for musculoskeletal disorders 

Don't forget to have a great Tuesday.

There's good news & bad news.

Facilities management newsletter

Happy Tuesday!

There's good news and bad news. With everything in life. Though we can't control what happens to us, we can control what we turn our attention to. So let's focus on the good:

And of course, there's plenty of good content below, including videos to make you go WOW. 

Generational conflict is nothing new, and the competing needs of each has implications for our workplace wellbeing strategies, explained Nichola Ebbern, Associate Director, Capita Real Estate and Infrastructure.

Smart buildings are transforming the facilities landscape, but too many people fall prey to simple misconceptions about them. To help clear the fog and dispel some of these myths, the Workplace Technology Theatre played host to a panel of smart buildings experts.

How can we turn a smart building into a truly intelligent one? The very latest technology can help us improve productivity.