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Embracing blended energy

Moving with the times: embracing blended energy

With commercial energy prices hiking and grid insecurity concerns increasing, blended energy programmes are becoming ever-more commonplace for businesses nationwide. Here, Tim Broadhurst, CCO at...
Office desks

Why movement-friendly furniture holds the key to positive and productive working

11/11/2019 Health & Wellbeing
While workers are benefitting from streamlined workflows and faster processing power, could their physical wellbeing be taking a hit? And are businesses potentially missing out on the kind of...
Circular economy

Second hand is not second best in FM

David Stevens, Vice Chair of CIBSE FM Group and Richard Boyd, Materials Consultant at Arup, share their views on circular economy thinking and why they believe second hand doesn't mean second best in...
ways to attract visitors to your exhibition stand

69 ways to attract visitors to your exhibition stand

Exhibitions can be crowded and fast-paced. If your firm is exhibiting, you only have a limited opportunity to stand out from the crowd, to make your stand really pop and get visitors flocking to see...
St Theresa's School by Jo Underhill

How Independent Schools are Going Green with their Facilities

With student climate strikes a regular occurrence at the moment, schools across the country are realising that sustainable school buildings are the way to students’ hearts. And there are a large...
HVAC and buildings

Taking the Heat out of System Issues

29/10/2019 FM Services
As a Facilities Manager for a major commercial building, responsible for providing a pleasant environment for potentially hundreds of employees, you’re the first to feel the heat when the system...

Waterborne Legionella - Minimising the Risk

29/10/2019 Health & Safety
In many ways, water contamination seems like an issue consigned to history, yet outbreaks continue to occur causing illness and, in the worst cases, fatalities. In this article, Spencer Culley...
Sick building syndrome

Poor Indoor Air Quality a Major Contributor to Sick Building Syndrome

29/10/2019 Health & Wellbeing
Facilities Managers are being urged to consider the benefits of a reliable ventilation system, in light of the news that poor indoor air quality is contributing to the return of sick building...
Well Building Institute image

Sustainable thinking - a wider role for the FM sector

29/10/2019 Health & Wellbeing
Sustainable Facilities Management often centres on the FM’s role in managing buildings, for instance, improving the energy management of a site, reducing the amount of waste going to landfill or...
Innuscience logo

Protecting the Planet doesn’t need to cost the Earth

By Nick Winstone, Co-Founder and MD of InnuScience UK Perception in the cleaning industry is that to enhance product quality, and specifically, to ensure the greenest products possible, product costs...
aj products logo

The AJ Products Workplace Health Survey 2019 Investigates Wellbeing in the British Workplace

11/10/2019 Health & Wellbeing
The AJ Products Workplace Health Survey 2019 Investigates Wellbeing in the British Workplace A study by AJ Products has revealed that over 40% of workers in the UK think that their current work...
Suicide Hotline Phones

Mental health - apps and hotlines

10/10/2019 Health & Wellbeing
Maintaining and encouraging a mentally resilient workplace environment is higher up the priority list for businesses than ever. In honour of World Mental Health Day (Thursday 10 th October 2019), we’...