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Filling Up for Sustainability – How Bottle Fillers Are Changing the Game

14/01/2020 Catering
Universities, schools, hospitals, airports, hotels and even private companies across the UK are getting smarter about addressing the problem of plastic water bottles. Every year the UK uses 13...
Delivering safer winters

Delivering safer winters

29/12/2019 Health & Safety
When accidents happen, the blame game is never far behind. In an increasingly litigious society, when accidents occur on business premises they are often followed by legal consequences resulting from...
On course for compliance

Staying on course for compliance

The way we gain knowledge and competence required for work has changed beyond recognition, largely to do with the wealth of information available on the internet. Rather than absorbing mountains of...

How to make office cleaning more sustainable

Cleaning is an often-underappreciated part of facilities management. Cleaners are frequently taken for granted, and the real and measurable impact a clean office can have on wellbeing, motivation and...

Wellbeing, coworking and digitisation key FM influencers in 2020

13/12/2019 Health & Wellbeing
It’s always risky to make predictions for the coming year, but it seems pretty certain that at least some of the main influences on the FM sector over the past year; wellbeing, coworking, coping with...
Facilities Show 2020

Register for your free ticket to Facilities Show 2020

04/12/2019 FM Services
Registration is now open for Facilities Show 2020, the largest dedicated facilities management show in the United Kingdom, and a globally-respected hub for facilities excellence. Take part in this...
Embracing energy management

Why FMs need to embrace energy management

Today, facilities managers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact their buildings have on the environment. The answer is smart energy management – monitoring and controlling energy usage...
Embracing blended energy

Moving with the times: embracing blended energy

With commercial energy prices hiking and grid insecurity concerns increasing, blended energy programmes are becoming ever-more commonplace for businesses nationwide. Here, Tim Broadhurst, CCO at...
Office desks

Why movement-friendly furniture holds the key to positive and productive working

11/11/2019 Health & Wellbeing
While workers are benefitting from streamlined workflows and faster processing power, could their physical wellbeing be taking a hit? And are businesses potentially missing out on the kind of...
Circular economy

Second hand is not second best in FM

David Stevens, Vice Chair of CIBSE FM Group and Richard Boyd, Materials Consultant at Arup, share their views on circular economy thinking and why they believe second hand doesn't mean second best in...
ways to attract visitors to your exhibition stand

69 ways to attract visitors to your exhibition stand

Exhibitions can be crowded and fast-paced. If your firm is exhibiting, you only have a limited opportunity to stand out from the crowd, to make your stand really pop and get visitors flocking to see...
St Theresa's School by Jo Underhill

How Independent Schools are Going Green with their Facilities

With student climate strikes a regular occurrence at the moment, schools across the country are realising that sustainable school buildings are the way to students’ hearts. And there are a large...