On the Road to Wellbeing

Workplace accidents can be catastrophic for employee fitness, brand reputation, and workplace wellbeing.

But those major, physical injuries aren’t the only danger: often, it is mental health that need particular attention.

In this eBook, you will find guidance on how to overcome dangerous macho culture, deal with life-changing obstacles, and cope with mental health challenges.

  • How important lunch breaks are for worker wellbeing
  • How to reduce to stress of lone-working
  • The harrowing impact of workplace death
  • Spotting the signs of workplace bullying

It also reveals the lessons of several inspirational speakers who spoke at Safety & Health Expo 2017, including Olympian Dame Kelly Holmes and Falklands War veteran Simon Weston, detailing how they overcame their own mental health challenges and providing inspiration for workplace wellbeing strategies.

Download your free copy of “On the Road to Wellbeing” and discover how best to improve the workplace wellbeing in your own company.

On the Road to Wellbeing