Construction Design Management for Facilities Managers


New laws are often written in an opaque, technical style, making it difficult to understand how potentially critical new legal requirements apply to facilities management.

This Barbour Guide to Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015 (CDM 2015) is essential reading for facilities managers, because it helps penetrate some of this legislative fog.

CDM 2015 is a vital set of guidelines, introduced to replace earlier legislation aimed at improving the health, safety and welfare of workers on construction projects.

It is legislative bread and water for facilities managers involved in any kind of construction project, no matter the size. The definition used in CDM 2015 is wide – covering everything from the use of corrosive substances to the installation of telecommunications equipment – so these regulations are critical for a broad range of professionals.

CDM 2015 provides a comprehensive legal framework covering the whole of the construction process, across design, commissioning, planning and execution to minimise any risk to health and safety.

At the core of the legislation, however, is communication. It seeks to encourage information flow throughout the process, and ensure that clients are assured of the skills, knowledge, experience and organisational capability required for a project construction project, and that there is adequate planning in place to ensure risks to personal safety are reduced.

For facilities managers, getting to grips with CDM 2015 is vital. That’s where this Barbour guide steps in – it covers, among other things:

•             How CDM 2015 differs from previous legislation

•             The key jargon and vocabulary used in the document

•             The scope of the definition of ‘construction’

•             The documentation required to comply with CDM 2015

•             The key actions and arrangements clients must take

•             The consequences of non-compliance with this legislation

Because CDM 2015 applies to all construction projects, no matter the scale or scope, it is vital for all facilities managers to gain a thorough understanding of this legislation. This Barbour Guide is therefore essential reading for any facilities manager trying to understand their responsibilities when it comes to construction.

To download this Barbour Guide, please click here.

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