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Top FM Trends

Foreword: A World of Opportunity

Talking to clients I’m often struck by how fast the world of facilities management is changing. Global influences such as demographic and social changes are contributing to a shift in how the workplace is viewed and what people expect from it.

Increasingly people want to choose where and when they work and they look to the workplace – wherever that may be – to deliver much more in the way of services and amenities. Every day it seems technology is pushing the boundaries of what real estate can deliver for organisations. All of which means that facilities management is transforming: from an asset, building and plant-centred activity to one which focuses on end-users and outcomes. This report is intended to help FM professionals get a clearer picture of the latest developments. It examines ten key trends transforming the world of work and commercial real estate.

One such trend is the changing face of outsourcing. This model of facilities management delivery has come a long way since it was first introduced and is now capable of providing value far beyond simple cost savings. A key role in supporting performance We also look at how forward-thinking organisations are using the workplace to boost the performance of their people. As many choose to work for longer, the workplace increasingly has to accommodate three generations. So a big question for FM professionals is how best to balance the needs of different age groups? Wellness in the workplace is one response and is seen as a key way of attracting and keeping key talent. In these days of disruption and disintermediation there’s a constant pressure on organisations to innovate and here too, the workplace has an important role to play, supporting collaboration and boosting creativity.

CBRE’s clients often tell us that key data on the performance of their operations is vital for their decision making. Accessing these insights is easier than it ever was thanks to smart technology. With such a wealth of data available the challenge for organisations is not how to get hold of information but to be clear about exactly what it is they want to measure and manage. These are just some of the issues explored, but what they point to is an exciting future for FM. They represent a huge opportunity for the profession to step into the light and demonstrate its strategic relevance to the C-Suite as a driver of corporate performance. I hope this report offers useful insights and context. If you’d like to discuss any of the topics covered, please get in touch.

IAN ENTWISLE, CEO Global Workplace Solutions, EMEA [email protected]