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How to make office cleaning more sustainable

Cleaning is an often-underappreciated part of facilities management. Cleaners are frequently taken for granted, and the real and measurable impact a clean office can have on wellbeing, motivation and...
Embracing energy management

Why FMs need to embrace energy management

Today, facilities managers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact their buildings have on the environment. The answer is smart energy management – monitoring and controlling energy usage...
Embracing blended energy

Moving with the times: embracing blended energy

With commercial energy prices hiking and grid insecurity concerns increasing, blended energy programmes are becoming ever-more commonplace for businesses nationwide. Here, Tim Broadhurst, CCO at...
Circular economy

Second hand is not second best in FM

David Stevens, Vice Chair of CIBSE FM Group and Richard Boyd, Materials Consultant at Arup, share their views on circular economy thinking and why they believe second hand doesn't mean second best in...
St Theresa's School by Jo Underhill

How Independent Schools are Going Green with their Facilities

With student climate strikes a regular occurrence at the moment, schools across the country are realising that sustainable school buildings are the way to students’ hearts. And there are a large...
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Protecting the Planet doesn’t need to cost the Earth

By Nick Winstone, Co-Founder and MD of InnuScience UK Perception in the cleaning industry is that to enhance product quality, and specifically, to ensure the greenest products possible, product costs...
Toucan Eco

Robert Scott brings sustainable chemical-free cleaning to Facilities Show

At this year’s Facilities Show, Robert Scott, one of the UK’s largest cleaning product manufacturer, is set to showcase the Toucan Eco system which is a sustainable bio-cleaning system that removes...
Energy Management

Strategies for Sustainability: How to Make your Office More Energy Efficient

Energy management has become a hot topic within facilities management over the last decade or so. We’ve started to rethink the role office buildings play when it comes to sustainability, and with...
Energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency in the Built Environment

RICS’ Data Services team has been appointed by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Energy (DG ENER), to maintain and update the EU Building Stock Observatory. RICS will be leading a...
FM Sustainbility

How to Improve Sustainability with Water Treatment Solutions

Long-established methods of pre-commissioning cleaning and ongoing water treatment are heavily reliant on large volumes of water and chemicals, with sampling and consultants the mainstay of...

When is the Right Time to Upgrade to LEDs?

Given that light emitting diode (LED) based lighting can save money, reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, and has a long life and high quality light output, why aren’t all facilities managers...
Internet of Energy

Store to Save with the ‘Internet of Energy’

Dr. Alex Mardapittas, Managing Director of Powerstar and inventor of the Virtue energy storage system, discusses how using storage technology can help realise significant savings on energy bills. The...