Golf Days: Your February Event Update from Chris


Your monthly Facilities Show event update from Event Director, Chris Edwards:

As an event professional, I’ve switched industries throughout my career – covering everything from medical device manufacturing to construction – which gives me an interesting perspective on different professions.

One thing that’s struck me about FM is despite the broad range and complexity of skills required, the high value of the assets that are often being managed, and then of course the pressure that comes with this, there is always an appetite for fun and enjoyment.

Networking seems to garner more enthusiasm in this industry than most that I’ve worked in. Last year I took part in my first ever Facilities Show golf tournament. I say, “took part in”, but I just served drinks, which is about the limit of my golfing prowess. But I found it a really rewarding experience.

The networking aspect was a given but there was clearly a sense of friendly competition in the air and it’s something we’re keen to continue as we launch our new expanded Facilities Show Golf Days.

Now in conjunction with Shirley Parsons, we’ll be bringing health and safety professionals together in some of England’s most prestigious courses with a Spring event at Centurion’s and then we’ll be at Notts Hollinwell in September.

Warren Knight, Director of FMJ, said: “We are proud to support this new event which combines the FM & H&S industries. Working with the Facilities Show for the last five years we have helped organisie some of the best golf events in the industry, the events have always been a great place to network and meet existing clients at some great courses.”

In between both events, we’ll give Facilities Show visitors a chance to have a go themselves on our Virtual Golf feature (and non-golfers will be able to relax in the FM Arcade).

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