Health & Wellbeing


Wellbeing, coworking and digitisation key FM influencers in 2020

Discover facilities management excellence at Facilities Show 2020, bringing together professionals, suppliers and experts from across the sector. Get your ticket for free today. It’s always risky to...
Office desks

Why movement-friendly furniture holds the key to positive and productive working

While workers are benefitting from streamlined workflows and faster processing power, could their physical wellbeing be taking a hit? And are businesses potentially missing out on the kind of...
Sick building syndrome

Poor Indoor Air Quality a Major Contributor to Sick Building Syndrome

Facilities Managers are being urged to consider the benefits of a reliable ventilation system, in light of the news that poor indoor air quality is contributing to the return of sick building...
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Sustainable thinking - a wider role for the FM sector

Sustainable Facilities Management often centres on the FM’s role in managing buildings, for instance, improving the energy management of a site, reducing the amount of waste going to landfill or...
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The AJ Products Workplace Health Survey 2019 Investigates Wellbeing in the British Workplace

The AJ Products Workplace Health Survey 2019 Investigates Wellbeing in the British Workplace A study by AJ Products has revealed that over 40% of workers in the UK think that their current work...
Suicide Hotline Phones

Mental health - apps and hotlines

Maintaining and encouraging a mentally resilient workplace environment is higher up the priority list for businesses than ever. In honour of World Mental Health Day (Thursday 10 th October 2019), we’...
university halls

Student Accommodation: The Demand for Community-Focused Design

With 96% of students saying they have felt stressed at university and 56% feeing stressed constantly*, all aspects of the student experience need to have student mental wellbeing at the heart. We are...
office nutrition

Why is Office Nutrition so Important?

Adults that work full-time spend 60% of the hours that they are awake in their place of work. During this time, on average, these workers will consume a third of their daily calorie intake. Consuming...
4 day work week

Why are Companies Turning to a Four-Day Week?

In 1973, British workers were haunted by the spectre of the three-day week, a measure introduced by the Conservative government to conserve electricity. Now, reaction to fewer working hours is much...
Biophilic Design

How Biophilic Design can Transform Workspaces Forever

Biophilic design might seem like a pretentious name for a simple concept – sticking a few plants in an office – but significant evidence and research suggests carefully planning a workspace or urban...
hot desking

Hot Desking Advantages and Disadvantages

Hot desking anxiety is one of the most searched for terms when it comes to the topic of hot desking. With the rise of WeWork, Hubble and other flexible working environments that operate on a hot...
Flexible Working

Your Guide to Flexible Working: Examples, Benefits and Challenges

Advances in technology along with the overhead costs of managing an office and the increasing importance of sustainable buildings has resulted into an increased shift towards flexible working. We...