Health & Wellbeing

Workplace Wellbeing Across Generations

How to Promote Workplace Wellbeing Across Generations

Generational conflict is nothing new, and the competing needs of each has implications for our workplace wellbeing strategies, explained Nichola Ebbern, Associate Director, Capita Real Estate and...
Drugs and alcohol in the workplace

How to Stop Drug and Alcohol Abuse in the Workplace

Did you know a third of adults aged 16-49 have taken some form of illegal drug at some point in their lifetime? At the Workplace Wellbeing Show, Samantha Francis, Training Consultant at SYNLAB,...
quality of life

Sodexo - continuing its focus on quality of life

​ Tomorrow’s FM magazine has been reporting on Sodexo’s extended MOD contract and the appointment of a dedicated Health and Wellbeing Manager to Independents by Sodexo. Both articles drive home the...
cafe work

The role of a Facilities Manager in Space Planning & Employee Wellbeing

Workplace wellbeing has been trending recently in business circles. As experts in business productivity have contributed with proof, it stands clear that space planning and intelligent building...

Time for Change: Researching the Changing Nature of Work

Productivity in business is key. However, in spite of a deluge of innovations designed to stimulate productivity growth, all the evidence has shown a marked decrease. So what are business leaders...
Flexible Working

Your Guide to Flexible Working

Advances in technology, alongside the increasing overhead costs of managing an office and the rise of sustainable buildings has led to a marked shift toward flexible working. To find out more about...
On the Road to Wellbeing

On the Road to Wellbeing

Workplace accidents can be catastrophic for employee fitness, brand reputation, and workplace wellbeing. But those major, physical injuries aren’t the only danger: often, it is mental health that...
Workplace Wellbeing

How To Improve Wellbeing in your Workplace

The majority of sitting takes place at work. Not everybody has time to go to the gym after work to make up for the lack of activity during the day, and experts say that sitting for hours a day could...
workplace wellbeing

Fitter, Happier: How Exercise Improves Workplace Wellbeing

You probably already know about the benefits of exercise when it comes to improving mental and physical health. But a decent work out – even if it’s only once or twice a week – can make a big...
Facilities Management

Peak Performance at Work: Stay Hydrated!

Athletes and sportsmen have known for some time that hydration is important to success. It’s not just because it makes the body’s physical systems work better, but because below a certain level of...
FM workforce

FM Clinic: Taking the Heat out of Summer

It’s unlikely that anyone would ever dispute that all human beings deserve the same rights and respect – regardless of whether they’re male, female, black, white, heterosexual, homosexual, or whether...