Scheduling Software Users Award Fast Lean Smart UK a Net Promoter Score of 100


FLS, Fast Lean Smart, a leader in field force appointment, schedule and route optimisation solutions, is pleased to announce the results of its annual customer satisfaction survey in the UK.

Jeremy Squire, FLS UK Managing Director comments “Outstanding customer satisfaction is what our customers strive to achieve from their field service operations and I believe we should be setting the right example”.
FLS customers include leaders in equipment maintenance, utilities/telecoms, healthcare, financial services/insurance claims, facilities management/property maintenance, engineering compliance inspections, retail home deliveries and more. In December 2017, FLS UK surveyed every live customer it supports directly with two key questions.

Facilities Show

The first question was very direct “How do you rate the service you receive from FLS support? (1 - 10)”. The result was an average score of 9.3.
The second was a Net Promotor Score (NPS) styled question “How likely is it that you would recommend FLS VISITOUR to a friend who has a similar scheduling requirement? (0 - 10)”
Using the standard formula for detractors (range 0-6), passives (7-8), promoters (9-10), there was no need for a complex calculation because every customer was a promoter for FLS VISITOUR scheduling solution, the NPS score was the maximum 100!

Best in class
Jeremy Squire reflects “I feel very proud of my team for the satisfaction they are delivering and the fact every customer would recommend us is possibly unique in this market. Our strategy will continue to focus on innovation and our customer on-going success using FLS scheduling software, and to build our business through recommendations.”

Jeremy concludes “This proves real-time scheduling and route optimisation solutions really can work well for a wide range of field service businesses, you’ve just got to choose the right technology and partner to work with”.

Fast Lean Smart (FLS) was established in 1992 to develop smart software for automating logistics and field work planning in real time. Its founders designed the PowerOpt algorithm which is at the heart of the FLS VISITOUR solution and has the ability to deliver precise results based on countless variables in less than a second. FLS is headquartered in Germany, with UK offices near Reading and Warrington. More information is available from
For press information, please contact Jeremy Squire, FLS UK Managing Director, on +44(0)7976 105027 or [email protected]