Seminar: The Dynamics of Real Leadership for Sustainable Success

Really looking forward to speaking at this year’s Facilities Show on 20th June. Interesting this week that there has been lots of positive outward publication on World FM Day and Mental Health Awareness. All very good and positive claims by companies and Organisations. But, for me it is about what people actually do as Leaders every day, every week in creating the healthy environment for success, be that as ‘Business as Usual’ or through a period of change and uncertainty.

So, bringing everyone forward, respecting their skills, diversity, contribution and their personal doubts, mindfulness in their whole-life balance. So for me, it’s not just driving a chart, structure or change, it’s Leading Hearts, Minds and Wellbeing for sustainable success. That’s Real Leadership.

I will share views and experience, discussing concepts, examples and provide some thoughts to help attendees with their own and their team’s journey moving forward.

Look forward to speaking, discussions and catching up with industry colleagues at the session and over the day.

Written by Geoff Prudence C.Eng FCIBSE FRICS FIWFM MIoD


Facilities Show 20th June 13.30-14.00 Facilities Management Theatre

Visions, Strategies- Hearts, Minds and Wellbeing

The Dynamics of Real Leadership for Sustainable Success

Workplace technology