Smart Buildings Market Forecast to Triple

With the market forecast to triple, what does the future hold for smart buildings?

Smart Buildings Expo – a major new addition to Facilities Show 2019 – will showcase the products, innovations and thought leadership driving the smart buildings market. This new focus on this rapidly growing market demonstrates how Facilities Show remains at the forefront of industry trends and developments.

Although the smart building sector is still in its infancy, automated heating, lighting and surveillance systems are already becoming commonplace in new offices and public buildings.

Now lifts, ventilation, air conditioning and access control are increasingly managed by systems that form part of the building’s infrastructure – even ordinary homes are taking advantage of the smart technology boom, with the Amazon Echo and Google Home allowing an unprecedented level of control for consumers. The much-vaunted internet of things is finally becoming a fact of everyday life.

New focus at Facilities Show

The rapid growth in the smart buildings market is reflected by a new focus on the sector at Facilities Show 2019. Smart Buildings Expo, designed in collaboration with Master Systems Integrators, Vanti, is dedicated to the cutting-edge technologies and products transforming modern buildings, with a full-size replica of a smart office, and a seminar theatre with a comprehensive educational agenda.

These features are joined by leading technology suppliers, giving visitors the opportunity to network with and source products from big names like Smartspace Software, FSI, Commusoft, Planon and other companies driving innovation within the smart technology sector.















A growing market

New research by CCS Insight tells us the launch of this standalone feature couldn’t have come at a better time. Its forecast of the market in nine European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Spain and the United Kingdom) suggests the number of smart systems sold will triple between 2018 and 2022.

It predicts that Germany and the three Scandinavian countries will be the most rapid adopters, with the United Kingdom following closely behind. Much of the demand is driven by refurbishing and retrofitting old buildings – including residential buildings – with smart systems, rather than just high-tech new offices.

Systems that provide the biggest savings, including heating, ventilation and air conditioning are set to be the most widely adopted.

The large growth in individual units sold is partly informed by the fact buyers are more likely to purchase several separate smart systems operating different aspects of a building, rather than a single, integrated set-up. This has gone somewhat against expectations, speaking to the relative unpredictability of the young smart building sector.

A hub for smart buildings

This highlights the importance of the Smart Buildings Expo. By providing a hub for the smart buildings sector, it will help clear uncertainty and provide visitors with the products, education and insights they need to thrive in this increasingly important.

It is only one of the features available at Facilities Show 2019, which takes place from the 18-20 June at ExCeL London. It introduces more than 12,000 facilities managers to the very latest products, solutions and ideas within the facilities management sector, focusing on new technologies such as green energy management and smart buildings. Facilities Show facilitates career development, networking, and sourcing cost-effective solutions in sectors ranging from office design and maintenance to smart energy and lighting.