Technology & Innovation in the Facilities Management Industry

The facilities management profession is changing fast, and this transformation has been driven by technology and product innovation, from integrated technology making smart building facility management more sophisticated, to new energy-saving and waste-reduction system.

To find out more, Facilities Show spoke to three experts within the field, who share their insights and observations of the way technology is transforming facilities management in this eBook.

We spoke to Richard Sims, Senior Consultant at the Technology Partnership, Adrian Burden, Technical Director at KEY IQ, and Chris Hoar, Director of AI in FM.

Inside, discover:

  • Examples of innovation in facilities management
  • The opportunities and potential drawbacks of leveraging the internet of things
  • What exactly artificial intelligence is, and how it can change the FM landscape
  • The technology used at KEY IQ Ltd's state-of-the-art innovation centre

Download for free now, and discover how to apply smart facility management solutions to your own strategy.

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