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Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings Market Forecast to Triple

New research by CCS Insight tells us the launch of this standalone feature couldn’t have come at a better time. Its forecast of the market in nine European countries (France, Germany, Italy, Denmark...
IoT and Asset Management

5 Incredible Ways IoT Helps Asset Management

The digital revolution has affected every industry, changing how managers operate, the way strategies are designed, and how individuals interact with their work environment. I think we will see...
Facilities Management

New to Facilities Show 2019 - Your Event Update from Chris

We're 6 months out from June, which means we're revving up to give you the best Facilities Show yet. To keep you in the loop, get you excited and announce some fantastic new features, here's a...
Workplace technology

9 FM Trends You’ll See in 2019 – Facilities Management Predictions

New year, new FM trends. Thanks to technology, we’ll be watching the Facilities Management profession experience a number of new trends in 2019 – both on a global and a domestic scale. We touched...
Workplace Software and Technology

4 FM Challenges And How Workplace Technology & Software Can Help

Like most things these days, facilities management is under a constant stream of revolutionising influences. Demographic and social changes are only the tip of the iceberg, while its icy body is made...
Smart Buildings

Oracle, Verdantix and SmartSpace Discuss the #1 Benefit of Smart Buildings

Last month, Facilities Show held a Smart Buildings Networking and Talk event at its very own 240 Blackfriars. Chris Edwards, Event Director, caught up with some of our speakers to discuss their...

Does IoT Signal the Death of BMS?

As enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) deployments begin to gather momentum, Indi Sall, Technical Director – IT Services, NG Bailey, asks what impact this new age of interconnectivity will have on...
Smart buildings

Smart Buildings in 2025: What Will the Technology Ecosystem Look Like?

Speaking at the Smart Buildings Show in London earlier this week, Susan Clarke, Principal Analyst at independent technology research and consulting firm Verdantix delivered her talk “Smart Buildings...
Designing Workspaces

Designing Workspaces of the Future

The arrival of the new nomadic work life is here. Communication is happening from almost anywhere on a plethora of laptops, tablets and mobile devices. But for those of us tethered to global,...
Digital integration

Approaching Digital Integration in the Workplace

Tech is now a fully embedded element of every office - from the advent of the photocopier, the office environment had been fully changed into an evolving technological arena. In June 1975 Business...
Technology Trends

Tech Trends: An Overview

Workplace technology is changing faster than at any time in the history of facilities management and maintenance. To truly appreciate and benefit from the business advantages that advances in...
Mobile access

Dispelling the Myths of Mobile Access

Physical access control is a key component of many organisations and can be used for anything, from opening doors to car parks, buildings, secure rooms or even accessing computer files. Much of the...