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Join FSI at Facilities Show to celebrate 30 years of global innovation

Discover facilities management excellence at Facilities Show 2020, bringing together professionals, suppliers and experts from across the sector. Get your ticket free today . From floppy disks to the...
Smart Buildings

Why is the Smart Office Lagging Behind the Smart Home?

“Alexa, I’m home!” Alexa then locks the front door, activates the lights to my preset scenes, sets the oven to 180 degrees, boosts the heating to 21 degrees (lower in the bedrooms), the coffee starts...
Driverless cars

Driverless Cars 101: The Good, The Bad And The Tech

On December 8 th 1926, readers of the Milwaukee Sentinel newspaper will have gaped at the following self-driving car article: “A phantom motor car will haunt the streets of Milwaukee today...
Smart Offices

From Smart Buildings to Intelligent Buildings

How can we turn a smart building into a truly intelligent one? Tony Buckingham, Regional Director at AECOM’s Smart Buildings Group explained how the very latest technology can help us improve...
Debunking smart buildings myths at Facilities Show

What are the Risks of Smart Buildings: 4 Myths Debunked

Smart buildings are transforming the facilities landscape, but too many people fall prey to simple misconceptions about them. To help clear the fog and dispel some of these myths, the Workplace...
Connecting Data Unlocks Smart Buildings

How Can FM and IT Work Together in Smart Buildings

Ravi Lakhani, Business Development Manager at ENGIE delivered his talk “Connecting Data Unlocks Smart Opportunities” in the Workplace Technology Theatre. A smart building is about being connected...
Smart Building Hype and Reality

Between Hype and Reality: Connectivity and Integration

Key takeaways: Manufacturers must be pushed to create meaningfully connected hardware, and to produce the software to back it up We are a long way off where we want to be, and where people think we...

Give your CAFM Projects a Boost

Give your CAFM projects a boost Rudi Brümmer, Professional Services Manager at Urgent , discusses how CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) software implementations can be better deployed to help...
Building Plan

The Future is BIM - Adapt or Get Left Behind.

Building information modelling (BIM) has continuously intrigued the FM industry. The many ways in which buildings can be constructed and maintained, how building performance can be understood from...
Machine learning in Facilities Management

How Machine Learning can Transform Facilities Management

New technology is behind the radical changes constantly taking place within the facilities management profession. In particular, facilities managers are fast waking up to the opportunities presented...
Future Workplaces

Changing workforce expectations will drive the adoption of smart buildings

For the past ten years, the workspace has been undergoing a quiet revolution. There was a time when the humble office was temporary, 9-5 accommodation for the workforce and things like onsite...
smart building event

Announcing the Launch of Smart Buildings Expo at Facilities Show

The best events out there are the ones that tap into the heartbeat of their industries, the ones that understand not just what’s important now, but what’s on the horizon. Facilities Management has...