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5 Questions to Ask your CAFM Provider about Security

14/12/2018 Security
Organisations use computer-aided facility management (CAFM) software to drive maintenance management efficiencies, meet regulatory requirements and store facilities management and asset-related data...
Designing Workspaces

Designing Workspaces of the Future

The arrival of the new nomadic work life is here. Communication is happening from almost anywhere on a plethora of laptops, tablets and mobile devices. But for those of us tethered to global,...
Women in Leadership

How Can We Encourage More Women into Leadership Positions in the FM Industry?

In the FM industry, the further up the employment chain you look - the less women that occupy key roles. This is something we see industry wide, with some reports stating that just 3 - 4% of CEOs...
Market Network

Why Market Networks are the Future of HVAC

14/12/2018 FM Services
Not to be confused with network marketing, market networks are an emerging type of business model aiming to make working life fairer and easier for everybody. By mobilising business communications...
Digital integration

Approaching Digital Integration in the Workplace

Tech is now a fully embedded element of every office - from the advent of the photocopier, the office environment had been fully changed into an evolving technological arena. In June 1975 Business...
Facilities Management

Peak Performance at Work: Stay Hydrated!

14/12/2018 Health & Wellbeing
Athletes and sportsmen have known for some time that hydration is important to success. It’s not just because it makes the body’s physical systems work better, but because below a certain level of...
Facilities management

Janus-Faced Management: Looking to the Past and Future

2017 has been quite a year. Not just for Servest but for the industry as a whole. The dynamics of facilities management have subtly adjusted. There’s now much more pressure on FM service providers to...
Effective Supply Chain Partnering

Effective Supply Chain Partnering

14/12/2018 FM Services
Stephen Henagulph, Screwfix Business to Business Manager, believes there is scope for closer and longer-term working agreements between facility managers, procurement teams and key suppliers to...
Facilities Management

The DNA of the Perfect FM Leader

t is widely accepted that Facilities Managers must be multi-skilled in order to execute their work. But how can FM leaders adapt to their ever changing environment? The DNA of a perfect FM leader is...
Technology Trends

Tech Trends: An Overview

Workplace technology is changing faster than at any time in the history of facilities management and maintenance. To truly appreciate and benefit from the business advantages that advances in...

The Changing Perception of Contract Catering

13/12/2018 Catering
Catering providers have been on a silent mission to reshape the industry and inspire workplaces across the country for many years. With ‘health and wellbeing’ no longer viewed as a buzz-term, instead...
Smart Lean Fast

Scheduling Software Users Award Fast Lean Smart UK a Net Promoter Score of 100

13/12/2018 FM Services
FLS, Fast Lean Smart, a leader in field force appointment, schedule and route optimisation solutions, is pleased to announce the results of its annual customer satisfaction survey in the UK. Jeremy...